Error occur while doing code merging from One branch line to another branch line

Hi, I am doing code merging from one branch line to another branch line some commits successfully merging but  commits some are getting errors while doing the merging only after 3-4 times I tried the same process to merge then it is Merging successfully, but it consuming a lot of time, if anyone has an idea on this issue Let me know the how to resolve it        Regards  Guru teja J
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Hi Guru

              I even faced the same issue after  changing to another network the issue get resolved . This kind of Svn error is because of unstable network connection



Hi Guru,


Did you see this forum post:


You can check some things mentioned there. Like checking the versions of both branches, deleting local files and redownloading the project. Also this error can occur when you have connection issues. Is your internet stable?