Cloud Environment not triggering default home page microflow.

Hi,   In local app, it will trigger my microflow after the SSO authentication where I set it to default home page in App Navigation. However, when I changed my root URL to use environment URL with Mendix Cloud in App Settings, it would not trigger this microflow after the SSO authentication. Expected: Trigger microflow to home page. Local Result: Trigger microflow to home page. Cloud Result: Does not trigger microflow, and direct back to login page after successfully authenticate SSO.   Follow up from my issue, I discovered 2 different XASSESSIONID for a cookie. Although I’m not using SAP and SAML, I’m using OIDC so I tried adding extra 'true' to the .addCookie() in javasource/oidc/actions, OIDC module, and it turns out great!   ---------------------------- CLOSED ---------------------------------  
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Could it be the case that you test locally a different profile than on the deployed environment? Like PhoneResponsive, while deployed you test is requesting by default the ResponsiveWeb?

Just a suggestion…