Scheduled Event In Buffer State

Hi,   I am experiencing an issue with a scheduled event microflow. It runs perfectly for a few weeks/months and then suddenly buffers/hangs for reasons I cannot pinpoint as it does not throw any exemption or errors in the apps logs.   Has anyone experienced this and what is the solution for this as it is not efficient to keep track of when this schedule event fails to complete and restart my application up every time we encounter this to allow it to work again.
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Can you see the microflow of the Scheduled event in the running now tab when this occurs? This would mean that somehow the microflow is not able to finish, or there might be some sort of infinite loop.


If a scheduled event encounters an error and this error is not handled, the scheduled event will not run again untill server reboot. You can create a new microflow, in which you place the current scheduled event microflow as submicroflow and place error handling on it, logging the error or emailing it etc. Place this new microflow in the scheduled event.