How to export empty excel sheet with only Column headers

Hi Experts, I wanted to download an excel sheet with only headers without any data, how can we do that in mendix.   Thanks in advance.  
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Hi Abdul,

you can use excel export where a temple can be configured with header.

Set start retrived data can be set to 1.

once we add a microflow and download the file (the configured template), the file with header will be downloaded.


Check the below documentation for reference*1xhh3n0*_ga*MTEwMDUyMTU3Mi4xNjQ1NTA3MzA4*_ga_4PE2C4QFC7*MTY4NjA1NDY2My40MDAuMS4xNjg2MDU3MDAyLjQyLjAuMA..#sheet-details