An error occurred while cleaning excluded jar files  copying files after upgrading to Studio Pro 9.24.1

When deploying to localhost, I get the error message "An error occurred while cleaning excluded jar files  copying files. See details for more information.”   The details show this:   I just upgraded one of my apps to Studio Pro 9.24.1, and after that all my apps, including the ones built in an earlier version of Studio Pro (9.18.4), throw this error when deploying locally.   It doesn't seem to be a Mendix problem, though, as my colleagues can deploy without problems, so my guess it's something on my PC that is the issue… Any idea what happened and how I can solve it? Maybe something got overwritten during installation of 9.24.1 that breaks my Java Runtime Environment?
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Double check your userlib for double Jar files. You could also try to download your model fresh. It seems your collegues did update some modules where Jar files where deleted. But when doing an update of your model those left over Jar files might still exist on your end. So delete those Jar files also on your end or just do a fresh download of your model to fix this.