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Hi: I have a question, how to only refresh the location of 'Main'     Thanks
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Hi Wendy,


You are currently showing a layout, which will eventually be used on a page. As the ‘Main’ will represent the content you add to that page, you can do a few things to refresh this part only.


By adding a page parameter as a context object around the content you would like to refresh, you will have ‘something’ to refresh. It doesn't matter if this is a persistent or non-persistent entity. For example; if we are using the entity ‘Customer’ as a page parameter/enclosing data view, we can build a microflow or nanoflow to refresh that specific Customer on request (option ‘refresh in client’). 


Hopefully, this helps.


Jeroen Appel ,thank you for your answer.

My problem, I may not have expressed it clearly.


The following is a detailed description of the problem:

I added a selection box on Layout, and the following is a new page based on Layout.

I would like to ask if it is possible to only refresh the page after switching the content of the selection box, not the entire page including Layout.