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I created a persistent entity. Every time I enter the page, I want to select the data with the same value in entity by default in the drop-down box,not the blank value by default in the selection box after refreshing the page.
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Hi Wendy,

What you can do is, wherever you are creating the object of the entity which you want to show on the page,

Now use a retrieve activity and set it to first, now retrieve the object which you want to show as default, and then associate it with the newly created object,

this way, whenever you will come to the page you will see the default value selected.

Let me know, if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!!!



Hi ,Gerrit Peitz

Let me describe the problem in more detail.

There is this data in the drop-down box

I chose "Length_in" and saved this data in the sustainable entity. When I re-enter the page, I want the selection box to be selected as "Length_in" by default. Like the picture below.

After switching the data to "Length_ft", re-enter the page selection box and select "Length_ft" by default.


What should I do to achieve this effect


Hi, Ganesh Acharya

The data of the drop-down box is queried in the database with microflow under the 'Selectable objects' tab(Marked in a red box)


I have solved the problem, thank you very much for your help