Scanner Add Attributes

Hey everybody,   I try to build an app that scans a package and safes attributes like weight, destiny and it’s number. My problem is the Barcode Scanner don’t want to find any Attributes, does someone have experience with it and can help me?   Best Regards Felix S.    
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So according to your screenshot, you need to place the barcode scanner widget in a dataview where it has access to the attributes you want to store the scanned string. In your case it looks like you want to use the “delivery” entity. Then you can select which attribute you want to use to store the result.

That being said, the barcode scanner can really only convert the barcode image into a string. If you have some sort of table or 3rd party resource where these other attributes are stored (like weight) with the barcode string, then you can retrieve those attributes based on what the scan returns. But if the attributes don’t exist anywhere, the barcode scan won’t be able to provide that information, only the barcode string. Hopefully this helps!