Copy and paste attribute Path

I am using an attribute in an entity more than in 100 places as it is the master. Now that I want to entity, as I am getting it directly from the data pipeline, As in Edit pages, I am using snippet, I changed the reference selector to text box and changed the attribute path. But in Overview pages, I need to change the attribute path for every usages. Is there any way to change the attribute path by just paste or any other ways other than selecting the attribute for each usages.
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Hi Sudarsanam,


Not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve. If I understand correctly, you want to display another attribute from that entity everywhere. Let's say: you have used “Name” and now you want to use “DisplayName”.

I'm afraid the answer will be: no, there is not an user friendly way to change the used path on data grids easily.

There is a way, but it can have disastrous side effects, as it replaces all usages of that attribute and it destroys existing data, so you can only apply if there is no data in your app. So you can try, but use with caution:

  • Delete the Name attribute (errors will occur as a used attribute is missing, check if all these usages are correct to replace it by using the DisplayName)
  • Rename DisplayName to Name and confirm you want to replace the usages
  • Rename Name back to DisplayName
  • Recreate the Name attribute (this results into an empty database column and it has no usages yet)