DataGrid2 not function correctly

Hi,  I want to use widget Data Grid 2. May I know how to solve this issue? How to solve this issue table not appeared?
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Hi Muhammad,


If your question is mainly related to the styling, you could be using Atlas 2. If this is true, you might need to add a change to your style sheet to make this work. I've seen this in many projects.


Please see the troubleshooting section below.


Hi Muhammad


I think the cause of this may be that the filters that you use on your data grid 2 are not correctly configured. If  you are using filters in your data grid 2 could you try removing them for a second to check whether the data visualization still works? 


If it does, I suggest you check whether the filters are of the correct data type. In Mendix you can add four filter types to your data grid, but they all have their respective attribute types:

  • Date filter: can only be used to filter attributes which are of the Date-time type
  • Drop-down filter: can only be used to filter booleans or enumerations
  • Number filter: can only be used to filter longs, integers, autonumbers or decimals 
  • Text filter: can only be used to filter strings/hashed strings

In this case, you either need to change your attribute types to suit your filtering needs, or you need to change your filters to suit your attribute types.