Passing Paramater to a microflow in data grid 2

I am having data grid 2 where i need to pass parameter to a microflow on a button click…   it gives me the following error:-   so my question is how i can pass the object in the microflow in datagrid 2  and as we know there is selection mode available in data grid ,where i can finf the same in data grid 2?   Kindly reply    
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If I am not mistaken the default data grid 2 that Mendix provides, does not offer the same selection capabilities as the normal data grid. That being said, there are some marketplace widgets/add-ons which allow you to extend the data grid 2 capabilities. Some are discussed in the following forum post.


However, if you only wish to use single select, you can launch a microflow/nanoflow on click of selection of one item within a data grid 2 by changing its on click action. This way you pass the selected object immediately to the microflow/nanoflow, and you do not have to click twice. 


Let me know if this has solved your problem!