Json Export Mapping Problem

Hello,   it seems like I’m having a problem with properly getting an export map attribute within my rest call. The Json Structure says it’s find, the export mapping seems to be showing an attribute inside of a single root entity, and when I got to the microflow and try to use export map on the rest service request body I can’t find the attribute.   Can anyone help me with this issue? I’m trying to figure out why an attribute isn’t showing up. Seems like a simple problem I’m just blanking on.  Also here’s the pictures of each for each part of the configuration.   Json Structure   Export Mapping   Rest Call   Any idea what I need to do? I’m thinking it has something to do with the Json structure?     Thank you,   Aaron.
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if you create a new object of your new Root entity just before the REST call action you should be able to select it as the parameter for your Request. You should also set the ID attribute with the required value.


The rest of your mappings looks good so no problems there :)