Medix Crash Course 7.7.2 Error, need help

Hello. I am new to Mendix and need some help. I am having an error during Medix Crash Course 7.7.2. I think it pertains to the server it is connecting to versus the one that MockHrService is connecting to. The error is located in the microflow “ACT_Department_Emplotee_ImportFromRest” in UserManager. Do you know where to connect the entity to in order to resolve the error? I know the instructions were written for a previous version of Mendix, but the Module Complete download works fine in the version of Mendix that I have so I don’t think that is the error. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you for your help. 
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As the error states this is an error on the http configuration tab of the rest call in your microflow.

Have a look there and if the error isn’t obvious then post some additional screenshots that might help us help you.