Convert Currency From one (USD, EUR) To another (INR) and calculate it (Unable to show even currencies on browser)

I want to convert currency from one to another. I don’t want to use currency converter module and don’t want to store data. I just need to store only converted amount to my existing entity. I am unable to show currencies on browser. I am using this request “{1}&to={2}&amount={3}&api_key={APIKEY}” by giving parameters. Is it right or am I doing wrong? Do I need to create mapping and JSON structure for this? How can I Show currencies in |FROM| and |To| field and how can I calculate it? Like if I have 4 fields Amount, From, To, Result. Which widget should I need to use for From and To field? Please let me know I am stuck in it. Thank you!   
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Hi Asad,


Did you check out the learning paths of the academy? They are very valuable resources to get up to speed quickly.

This learning path deals with consuming data from a REST service: 


Other possible resources:



I hope this helps.