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In a snippet I have created text boxes which have been attached to the attributes of a particular entity.   When I am pasting the same snippet in a snippet call widget in another page so that i can take the input , i am getting an error to move the snippet call into a data container.   How do i do this, The use case is that i want to add multiple snippet to a single page and take input through each snippet.
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Hi Abdur,


When you created the snippet, did you choose a parameter for it? Because if you do then it will expect you to provide an object of the selected entity type on wherever you place it:




If you don’t want to do this and provide it within the snippet(without parameters) you should go to the snippet and place a dataview with a microflow/nanoflow data source:





Hope this helps!


I am trying to implement a Wizard Widget, in which i found the following images in the documentation part and i want to replicate those: 

How do i do this? 

Here is the link of the widget :


I would be grateful to you if would help me with this.