Excel Exporter - inserting values as a link

Is there any possibility to insert a value as a link in a cell in Excel using Excel Exporter? What I would like is that instead of the value 'https://www.mendix.com' (example 1) there would be a link displayed as e.g. 'URL' which after clicking leads to this page (example 2) 
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Did you try the following : 

=HYPERLINK("http://example.microsoft.com", "URL")


You will probably have to add an attribute to contain that full sentence


Yehoshua,  idea in general is good - there is, however, a small problem.

When you open the created file in Excel, the value shows up as '=HYPERLINK("http://example.microsoft.com"; "URL")'. Only attempting to edit the cell and confirming 'triggers' the function and the address is exposed as a 'URL' link to the page.

In other words, Excel does not treat the contents of the cell as a function only as text when the file is opened. Until the user performs the operation I described above.

Is it possible to do something about this?