Deleting columns in an existing Excel file (Java?)

Deleting columns in an Excel file (Java?) I have long struggled with the limitations of the Excel Exporter module in terms of the flexibility of creating worksheets. At the moment, for me the most important challenge is to create columns not according to a template but according to a user request. Unfortunately Excel Exporter has no logic to indicate or not whether a column should be created. Of course, I could do it in such a way that I create a separate template for each version but when there are 10 columns (A - J) and I would like to have a version from 'ABCDEFGHIJ', through, for example, 'ADGH', up to 'J' then you understand how dumb this is.... However, instead of coming up with a very complicated solution I came up with the idea that in my case it would be best to simply remove the unnecessary columns after creating the file using microflow instead of programming Excel Exporter from scratch. Simply Excel Exporter will create them all and I will remove the redundant ones in microflow before download. But here's the thing... I have absolutely no idea how to remove columns from an already existing Excel Exporter-generated file. Anyone have any ideas on this? I know that in theory there are whole JAVA libraries for file management but I don't know much about it. Perhaps there is some ready-made function? I have both Excel Exporter and Excel Importer installed so potentially the JAVA functions to do this should already be in the application. But how to call them?
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