Schedule Events remains in running state

Hi,   I hope someone can assist me in resolving this issue.   Some of our application’s schedule events fail to run to completion or rather gets stuck and fails to run, kind of in a buffering state. The work around is restarting the application and then they seem to run fine and the a few days late 1 or 2 will pause again and we have to restart the application again which can be rather annoying and hinder productivity.   There are no signs of any errors in the logs so its hard to pinpoint the issue. Has anyone experienced this before and what has been the solution to resolve this?
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Firstly, you can ‘kill’ the request in the Mendix Cloud environment instead of restarting your app. Go to ‘Metrics’:

And secondly, consider to configure the ‘on overlap’ behavior in your scheduled event. Perhaps you have a piled up queue of scheduled events that have to process a large amount of data? Either way it's better to put your scheduled events in a Task Queue.