MxAssist thinks a Unique validation rule cant serve as an index

Hi. I have created a Unique Validation Rule on the attribute _UniqueId and ran “Inspect Now”, but the blue warning isn’t gone: MXP007: Non-indexed attribute 'BookProposalMain.Originator._UniqueId' is used in an XPath expression   Why? A unique constraint is literally an index!
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In case it helps, with Studio Pro 10.3 we have improved the index Best Practices (MXP003, MXP007, MXP016) to allow for attributes that have a unique constraint.


The performance bot only checks if you have added an Index rule under the Indexes tab of an Entity. Its sadly not smart enough to understand that a Unique Constraint is already an Index. I would just ignore/suppress the rule. Would be a nice upgrade for the bot though, you could make a post in the Idea forum.