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how to validate the Imported excel file data having 25 plus columns and it should throw a message if the data is correct/Incorrect, Can anyone help me out with a solution? 
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Hi Kumar,

1. Create a representation of the Excel file's data in Mendix using an entity. Each column in the Excel file should have a corresponding attribute in the entity.

2. Set up the Excel import feature in Mendix. You can use a pre-built module or create your own method to import the Excel file into Mendix.

3. After importing the data into Mendix, check if it meets your validation rules. You can use predefined logic or custom code to perform this validation.

4. Go through each record in the imported data and make sure the values in each column are correct based on your validation rules. This may involve checking data types, limits, or mandatory fields.

5. If any of the validation rules are not met, display an error message indicating the problem with the specific record or attribute.

6. Show the validation results to the user, presenting a summary of the errors in a clear and understandable way. This will allow the user to take the necessary actions to fix the problems.

7. If the validation fails completely, you have the option to undo the import and remove the imported data from Mendix. This ensures that only accurate data is stored.

8. Provide feedback to the user, letting them know when the validation is complete and whether the imported data is considered correct or incorrect overall.

Hope it helps!!!