hello, i want to fetched daily updated data from google or extral site ??

 i want to fetched daily updated data from google or external site. like temperature or stock market updatation if it will update on google then it will automatically update on my application
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Hi Rutuja,


1.First, determine the external website or API from which you want to fetch the daily updated data. For example, if you want to retrieve temperature data, you might consider using a weather API, while for stock market updates, you can explore financial data APIs.

2. Once you have identified the data source, you need to integrate the API into your Mendix application. Mendix provides various ways to integrate external APIs, such as using REST or SOAP web services. You can use Mendix's REST or Web Service Call actions to make requests to the external API and retrieve the desired data.

3. After fetching the data from the external source, you may need to transform and map it to your Mendix application's data model. Create entities in Mendix that correspond to the data you are fetching, and use Mendix's data manipulation actions to transform the retrieved data into the appropriate format.

4. To ensure that your Mendix application automatically fetches and updates the data on a daily basis, you can set up a scheduled event or timer. Mendix allows you to configure scheduled events using timers or the Mendix Scheduler module. Set the schedule according to your requirements, such as once per day, and configure it to trigger the data retrieval and update process.

5. Once the data is fetched and updated in your Mendix application, you can store it in the appropriate entities or data storage mechanism provided by Mendix, such as a database or cloud storage. After storing the data, you can display it in your application's user interface using Mendix widgets or custom UI components.


Hope it helps!!!