How to edit the Excel file at runtime

How to edit the Excel file at runtime?? without exporting file
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Hi Rutuja,

In Mendix, it is not possible to directly edit an Excel file at runtime without exporting it. The data manipulation and editing capabilities in Mendix are primarily focused on working with data within the Mendix application itself, rather than directly modifying external files.

However, you can achieve a similar result by following these steps:

1. Import the Excel file: Use the Mendix Excel Importer module or a custom import logic to import the Excel file's data into Mendix. This will create entities and populate them with the Excel data.

2. Modify the data: Once the data is imported into Mendix, you can manipulate and edit it as needed using microflow or nanoflow.

3. Export the data: After making the necessary changes, you can export the modified data back to an Excel file. Use the Mendix Excel Exporter module or custom export logic to generate a new Excel file with the updated data.

4. Provide the updated file: Finally, you can make the updated Excel file available to users for download or further processing. This can be done by presenting a download link or providing the file through other means within your Mendix application.


Hope it helps!!!