SAP oData Connector

LS,   I am trying to get a Mendix Microflow to update a specific field in the EBAN table. The Microflow works fine. Using the debugger, all expected values are showing, BUT, for whatever reason (missing step) it does NOT show the updated value…..   I created a service based on a CDS view, and as stated, when I do the initial GET statement, all looks fine. However when I use the Update or Update (PATCH) versions neither of the two seem to be able to update the specified field….. Questions which arise are: - Do you have to declare (when creating the service) which fields you want to be able to update? - Does it matter if the core field (to update) has an association (and does needs updating at same) - Which is the better version to use Update or Update (PATCH) - Do you have to specifically COMMIT a change, (or is this covered in your CHANGE Object with the tick boxes Commit and Refresh Client)  
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Your flow looks fine. I would try to increase log levels for the odata connector to see what messages go out and potentially check if you can call the odata endpoint with another tool. This might just be a limitation of the used endpoint.

Update and update (patch) differ in the HTTP method used (PUT or PATCH).  And PATCH should allow to send partial data (but I don’t know if the Mendix module handles that).

regards, Fabian