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In My Project I have to Upload some Document in jpeg format thats why i have use image uploader and i have use image image uploader multiple in my project so i have to assign multiple images for 1 person so i have see all  the Uploded images for this person i was use Data grid Create button and in this create button i user one form use image uploader and for and for see this images i have to use  Dynamic image but their issue is like when we upload multiple images for 1 person in that time when we upload list image for this person and last image override all the images and Dynamic images shows the Only last image…  if i Upload 2 different images so i need to see this 2 images but when ever i try to see this images i only see fiest images that i upload 
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Hi Rushikkesh,


the problem could be that you are uploading all the images in one single object,

you should create an instance for each image.

This is an alternative widget to solve this type of problem, it let you upload as many files as you want and filter the extension.


let me know if it work :)



Hi Rushikkesh, 


I believe that you need to upload multiple images for the same user. In this case, you can use file dropper functionality. 


Mendix Marketplace - File Dropper


I’d request you to please try it from your end. 


Hope this helps. 






Hi Rushikkesh. You could have two problems here:

  1. Please check the assosiation image/main-entity. it cann’t be a 1-1 association. (it should be a one to many)
  2. After uploading the second image. please check if you are adding the new image/obejct or setting the association from the entity side. (associate both objects associating the main-entity to the image).
  3. I like using the file dropper for this kind of things :). you could try it.