package.xml is missing

Hello everyone,   I'm currently trying to create a pluggable web widget in Mendix by following the steps outlined in the documentation . However, I'm encountering an issue at Step 7.a. When I press F4, I receive an error popup stating that the package.xml file is missing. I have verified that the package.xml file is present in the directory, but I'm unsure in which directory Mendix is searching for it. Attached screenshot for your reference   I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions to help resolve this issue.   Thank you in advance! Theodore John.S    
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Hi Theodore,


The issue might be with the code snippet, if there is syntax errors it will throw the same error.



I'm encountering some errors related to TypeScript when attempting to add attributes for the Class and Style in an XML file.


Additionally, I've noticed a discrepancy in the attribute types between the interface TextBoxNContainerProps, which receives attributes as EditableValue<string>, and TextBoxNPreviewProps, which receives attributes as a plain string.


I'm uncertain whether this difference in attribute types is the cause of the error messages.