Distinct Data

I want to Show Distinct Data by Date if i store a particular date once then it should not be shown again. and i want show data by specfic User I dont Want to See Duplicate Date Here..
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Hi Rushikkesh,


to get the result you are looking for I think you should use a tree node each node will be a different date and inside you will have all the activity for it.

you need a view of the date made by non-Persistable entity and an associated view of activities also made with non-Persistable entity. 

To show data by a specific user you can add a dropdown to filter the activities.





There is no ‘easy’ solution for that.


You can do it by:

 – Retrieving the whole object list

 – Creating a new list (ShowabeItemsList)

 – Loop over all objects

 – Do a check (decision) if the object is already in the ShowableItemsList

 – If not, add it to the list

 – Show the ShowableList