How to save files in a local path?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to save generated Document in Local Path using File from File Document(Community Commons). Then I am getting below Error? Any Suggestions Helpful! Thank you!
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Based on the provided log, it appears that the error is caused by a file access issue. The application is attempting to access a file at the following location: C:\Users\chandraprakash.sreel\Videos\HL7, but it encounters an "Access is denied" error.

 you can try the following solutions:

1. Check File Permissions:
   - Make sure that the file and its parent directory have the necessary read and write permissions for the user or the application running the Mendix server.
   - Verify that the user or the application has sufficient privileges to access the file.

2. Verify File Existence:
   - Double-check that the file at the specified location (C:\Users\chandraprakash.sreel\Videos\HL7) actually exists.
   - Ensure that the file path is correct and that the file hasn't been moved, renamed, or deleted.

3. Adjust File Path:
   - If the file is located in a different directory or if you need to access it from a different location, update the file path accordingly in your code or configuration.

4. Run Mendix Server with Sufficient Privileges:
   - Ensure that the Mendix server is running with appropriate permissions to access the file. This might require running the server as an administrator or with elevated privileges.