Performance Decline in Display of Domain Models and Flows in Mendix 10

Hello everyone,   Following our transition to Mendix 10, we're experiencing significant performance issues, particularly in the rendering of domain models and flows. The problem emerges when we work with medium-sized flows (around 20 nodes) and domain models with about 15 entities. The display of these models is extremely slow, and scrolling becomes possible only after several seconds of delay.   Interestingly, these issues seem to be isolated to areas involving graphic rendering. In the Page editor or other dialogs within Studio Pro, we've not identified any problems. We've attempted to enable software rendering, but it has resulted only in minimal improvements.   This same problem is occurring for several of my colleagues, and this happens across different computers. Is this issue known? Are there any known solutions or recommendations on how we can improve performance? Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you in advance!
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It seems that the massive is caused by the Best Practice Bot. After disabling it everything works smooth again.

Edit->Preferences...->Mendix Assist