Region sidebar width change

Hi Guys,   I am trying to change the width of the region which contains a sidebar so I will not see the beginning of the text and set the custom width I want. I tried by double clicking it and change “Width value” to a different value but it still looks the same…. any ideas?   Thanks for the help!
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Hi there,


I had a similar problem. To modify the width, I had to change the width value for using the classes used by Mendix.


First make sure in your layout, the sidebar has then class “region-sidebar”:


I then created a width variable to store the width when the navbar is closed:


I had to then use the chain of classes that resulted in the change of width:

This then results in the navbar width being changed in its closed state:

I hope there’s an easier way of changing the width of the closed sidebar, but this was the only way I found that works.


Hope this helps,