OData snapshot for historical data

To be able to make reports including historical data of the current dataset, I would like to make a snapshot of the data I'm exposing using my OData service. I can achieve this by calling my own service (in the browser) and save each exposed entity as a .txt file, but this sounds like a cumbersome solution. Therefore, I was wondering whether I could achieve this in some other way. Any ideas?
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My current solution is to create a microflow with the following activities:

  1. GET the base URL of the OData service.
  2. Split the resulting string using the '"url":' as separator (community commons), tail the outcome (the head is information I don't need)
  3. Loop through the splitted items
    1. Get the location by trimming and finding “
    2. GET the base URL + location, expand if you want the associations as well
    3. Convert the string to a file (community commons)