Working on Local but not in Sandbox

Good Afternoon, I have a part of a Microflow that works on the Local environment but not when published to the sandbox. If yes is selected on SUEZ UK employee radio button, in the below screen, I want it to automatically update the front screen with SUEZ Recovery and Recycling Ltd as the Company name.   Front page:   I have it in the Microflow to retrieve the SUEZ name from company list and then update the object with that name.     The company name is in the Sandbox as well as the Local environment. I don’t understand why it is working in the local env but not the Sandbox. Any ideas why? I have copied and pasted the name from the studio pro so should be exact.   Thanks very much   Jess
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Hi Jess,

Searching for objects based on the backend on a string that is defined in the runtime database always has some degree of risk as you never know if the string will match perfectly.  Its possible that the issue here is the carriage return in your Xpath string but that just demonstrates the issue with this approach.

A first step to get this logic flow working would be to use the contains() function in your Xpath which can be more forgiving than the = operator.  For instance, you could use contains(CompanyName,’SUEZ’) which will grab all company objects with ‘SUEZ’ in the CompanyName attribute. This approach also has some degree of risk to it though, as any company with SUEZ in the CompanyName will be returned.

The most flexible approach here that I would suggest is to select the company directly from the employee detail popup with a reference selector.  This way you can just select the company that the employee is a part of unambiguously.  Unless you have a specific use-case requirement that would prevent this approach, it is the most flexible approach as you will be able to directly choose which company an employee is in without the need to search for the company in a microflow.

Hope this helps
Danny Kumpf