I want to get between dates in between two inputs

Hi all, I want to get the between Dates in between two input date parameters. can anyone help me out with this. While using days between function we are getting only the days count i.e.. the decimal  what i need is the dates between tho two input dates
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Hi Boopathi , what i understood from your question. You want to see the dates between two dates. You can use daysBetween() for having the number of dates in decimal.I have seen a good approach here you can read r check.https://forum.mendix.com/link/space/app-development/questions/114755


You can use the addDays or addDaysUTC function to add a day to your start date. So let's say the start date is 10-7-2023 and enddate is 14-7-2023. The addDays function would give you the date of 11-7-2023 when you add a day to the start date. Then check if this date is later then your enddate. Then do your stuff you want to do with that date and keep adding one day untill you reach the enddate.