Showing more content when a button/action triggerer is pressed

I'm looking for a solution similar to Accordion that will allow me to show additional content under a row in the list view when a button is pressed.   Accordion is a great solution but in my situation it has one big flaw: in the header of this widget I want to store editable elements (edit box, checkbox) and every attempt to enter these elements triggers an action of showing or hiding accordion body content - I would like the user to be able to trigger this action only after pressing a button prepared for this and this cannot be done in a standard widget.   Have you seen any other solution or do you know how to create such a functionality that would show additional content only after pressing the relevant button?
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Sounds like a case that can be solved using conditional visibility. The principle is simple; have some sort of a trigger, like a boolean attribute, and a container that only shows after the boolean is toggled by the button you mention. You can set this behaviour in the visibility settings of a container widget.