Without refresh change the Content

Hi Everyone i’m using mendix 8.18.24 version    I need change the content into without refreshing a page. I’m desinged like  this if i click burger or pizza i need to show lists of pizza types in same page how to done this ?         thank you
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The solution for you is:
- Create a data table to store your category, which uses the is_select variable to make a select variable every time you click on any category (eg pizza). Use listview to display all categories on the screen
- When selecting category, in this example I choose category is pizza, then take out all products with category pizza and display it on the screen (using listview or datagrid). (Unselected at first will hide this section, only visible when at least 1 category is selected)
- Set the condition that when any category is selected, the other categories will be hidden, and vice versa, when unchecked or when no one is selected, the entire category will be displayed.

I hope this solution for help you