Mendix native builder is disabled

Hi everybody! I have an issue where I want to build native apps locally on my desktop. On my laptop I have this feature available but I can’t get it working on my desktop. Currently running with Mendix pro 9.24.3.   I have tried everything I could think of and found on the internet: installed nodeJS, and android studio with finishing the whole process and even got one project working there >> Tried most of the ideas from this topic >>   I have added native mobile profile to my app navigation Enabled online services and published Created new app form blank native mobile template   Nothing seems to be working. When comparing my desktop and laptop then it seems to be missing the Native Builder application but how can I get it? Is it only bundled together with a specific versions of Mendix Pro? I honestly don’t want to try installing them one by one so some pointers are welcome :)  
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I got it fixed by installing the Build Native Mobile separately. You can reach to the installs from here:


Somehow it just doesn’t do it automatically.