i want to show the graphical representation of data monthwise

i want to show the graphical representation of  data monthwise. on X-axis i want to show jan,feb,march & etc….and on y axis  shows production and loss of january month
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Hi Rutuja,

- Create a line chart widget (or any suitable chart widget) on the page to represent the data graphically.
- Configure the chart widget's data series:
  - Set the X-axis data to be the "Month" attribute from the entity, which contains the names of the months (Jan, Feb, March, etc.).
  - Set the Y-axis data to be either the "Production" or "Loss" attribute from the entity, depending on which one you want to show on the chart initially.
- Optionally, you can add a drop-down or toggle buttons to allow the user to switch between "Production" and "Loss" on the y-axis dynamically.
- Set up the necessary formatting and styling for the chart to make it visually appealing.