Cancel button is not visible

Hi Guys,   I have a page which has save and cancel button. When I open the page in the browser the cancel button is not being display. Could you please let me know if you have faced similar issue and how you resolved it. Thanks in advance.    
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Please check whether you had given visibility condition or user roles in the button?


Hi Abrar,

check the below

  • Button Visibility

    • Check the properties of the cancel button widget.
    • Ensure the visibility property is set to true to always show the button.
  • Button Placement

    • Verify that the cancel button widget is correctly placed on the page.
    • Ensure it is within a visible container or layout.
  • Conditional Visibility

    • Review any conditional visibility settings on the cancel button widget.
    • Ensure there are no conflicting conditions that hide the button.
  • Button Permissions

    • Confirm that the user role has the necessary permissions to see and interact with the cancel button.
    • Adjust user role permissions if needed.
  • CSS Styling

    • Check for custom CSS styles that might be affecting the button's appearance.
    • Debug and adjust styles if necessary.
  • Responsive Design

    • Test the page on different devices and screen sizes.
    • Adjust responsive settings to ensure the button is visible as expected.
  • Button Rendering

    • Check for custom JavaScript actions or microflows that might interfere with the button rendering.
    • Debug any custom logic related to the button.
  • Clear Cache

    • If changes were recently made to the page, clear the browser cache and reload the page.