PDF Document Generation module

Hi everyone, my next project need to be download pdf file from mendix’s data, but I don’t know how to use new module from mendix (PDF Document Generation module) to do that although I have read it’s document. Here is the link to that module: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/211553 And link to it’s document: https://docs.mendix.com/appstore/modules/document-generation/ Please give me some solution T_T
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Hi Mien, 


If you need to generate the pdf document based on the list or data view which you’ve fetched from your end then, I’d recommend you to please check out the generate document functionality in the microflows and document template functionality. 


You can create the document template and then using generate document functionality using microflow you can create pdf file as per the data you’ve designed in the template. 


You can refer following links if it suits your requirement. 






Hope this helps. 






@Mien, to get generate PDF with the new improved version of "PDF Document Generation", you should follow this documentation

It will help you in getting a good understanding about the new module, how to use it and it's limitations. I hope you should be able to generate PDF. If not, please let us know what step did not work for you, we would try our best to help you.