HTML and Javascript

I paste the following HTML and javascript code inside the html and Javascript snippet widget. When a user clicks a button on an HTML page, javascript does nothing. Anyone who can assist?    HTML: <html> <head>     <script src=""></script> </head> <body>     <div id="embed-target"> </div>     <input type="button" value="Pay with Embedded Page" onclick="Checkout.showEmbeddedPage('#embed-target');" />     <input type="button" value="Pay with Payment Page" onclick="Checkout.showPaymentPage();" />     <!-- JavaScript widget can be added here (if needed) --> </body> </html>   Javascript: function errorCallback(error) {     console.log(JSON.stringify(error)); } function cancelCallback() {     console.log('Payment cancelled'); } // Check if the Checkout object is defined before configuring it if (typeof Checkout !== "undefined") {     Checkout.configure({         session: {             id: '<your_initiate_checkout_session_ID>'         }     }); }  
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