Automatic marking of the required field with an asterisk

I know this topic comes up regularly, but has the ability to mark fields in Mendix as required with an asterisk, for example, come up yet? Currently, a user can only find out that a field is required when he fills it in incorrectly (or doesn't fill it in) and tries to save the form. The alternative is to simply manually add CSS to a specific field each time to add an asterisk, but this is pretty naive and you have to make sure that each field has this style set up and sometimes it's a lot of work.  In many other platforms, other than Mendix, such marking of required fields is something natural and does not require additional CSS work and in Mendix it's kind of a problem. Or is it possible to check with dynamic classes whether a field is required and react to this requirement?
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There is an idea for this, that hasn’t gained much traction though. You could argue that Mendix should add the ‘required’ tag to the input once you set it as required, so you could add the asterisk automatically using CSS, but I guess there are complications. You wouldn’t be able to get to your validation flow and show custom validation messages for example. And you could also have custom validation where you set the input required (or not) and you validate something else. Also a field could be conditionally required. You’d never have a consistent system for adding the asterisk automatically I think. So you're probably stuck with adding (dynamic) classes on your inputs yourself to show the asterisk.