Is it possible to have a table with varying number of columns ?

Hi,   I have a use case  where based on user selection the number of columns will change in a table. For example if a user select option ‘a’ the table will have columns c1, c2, c3 and if he selects option ‘b’, it will have columns c4, c5, c6, c7 etc. Is this achievable in mendix ? I will be using rest api to get the data, which needs a predefined columns for the entity hence asking.
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 Add a option filter. Let's consider you have two options,option A, Option B.

Now for eg: if user selects Option A then display the table with respected columns, 


If user selects Option B then display the table with respected columns.


Set the visibility to the tables (for eg:  table 1 for Option A, table 2 for option B) using options value based on the option selection corresponding table will display.


Hope it helps!