Data Grid1 - problems with error messages on pop-up window (ver.8.18.22)

Hello everyone,   I am new to Mendix. I am asking ask about the error message that appears when the Edit/Delete button is pressed when no data is selected in Data Grid 1. The pop-up window will appear infinitely while pressed the button under those conditions. I would like to improve it so that the action is not accepted unless the x or OK button is pressed on the previous screen. Is it possible? Or, has this problem been remedied by the upgrade?   Thank you.
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Hi Tasuka,


The default behaviour of Mendix is to show this error pop-up when navigating to a page is selected as action of the ‘Edit’. If you change the action to a Nanoflow, you can add a check if the input parameter is empty and in that case don't do anything for example. The same holds for delete button, the built-in validation of Mendix requires a selected item.


Good luck!