Adding custom local fonts in Mendix 10

I am trying to add custom local fonts in Mendix 10. I have tried this guide: Adding icons and fonts in Mendix 9   Added the fonts to to the fonts directory in the public folder of my UI-resource   And added this to my css:   @font-face { font-family: '<font name>'; src: url('./fonts/<font-name>.eot'); } $font-family-import: "<font name>"; (also tried different variations of the  path 'fonts/<font name>.eot’ and different extentions for the fonts, but I keep getting this error:   404: file not found for file:<font name>   Also tried the version with the css-file in the fonts directory:   GitHub/Open Sans from this guide: Adding local fonts   I constantly run into the error that it cannot find the file.   What step am I missing in this?  
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