Uses of different log levels

Hello, As we know there different log levels in mendix like trace, debug, info etc. Have following questions regarding that:- When we have to choose which log level. I mean for example, when to use trace and when to use trace and others. Can we use these in live environments like test/acceptance or production environments I have referred the mendix document but have not got much idea on it. Please help me out. Its urgent Thanks, Trishla  
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Hello Trishla,


Please go through the below link from Mendix documentation and if you still have any questions we can discuss more on tjem.




Hi Trishla,

2- Yes we can. See logs on developer portal > App > Logs


1- Shortly, most of the time other then debug and trace log levels are enough to follow and find out what is going out- working and/or not working- , but in case you need more insight and more details, then trace is good to go with. You can expect so much flow and details.


  • You can have a look at this learning path. It is very helpful to understand logs >

    Track Application Behavior with Logging on Mendix academy.