Export mapping a choice element over a one to many association

Hi all,    We are working on a webservice where the response XML contains a choice: the service either returns one rejection element or a list of filedetail elements. this is no problem in my import mapping, where I use a one to many association to the choice entity: However, I also need to be able to recreate the XML message from the objects once they are in the database. When creating an export mapping from the XML definitions, Mendix will not let me select this one to many association, forcing a 1 to 1 association from the parent object to the choice object: We have such an association, but off course it will not be able to produce the list of filedetails, since they are saved in the database over the one to many association (which I can not select in the export mapping).   Is there a way to convince Mendix to export the list over the correct association?     
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