How to pull (update) without commit in Git-app?

I want to read-only a app developed in Mx 10.2, to give verbal feedback to my colleagues without touching the model and doing any commit. As Mendix 10 uses GIT, I need to pull instead of update to retrieve the latest changes. However, I get the error that I have uncommitted changes, while I didn't do anything.   Even after reverting all changes (confirmed by this):   Still the changes on disk show the compiles css file:   Now I cannot view the latest changes of my colleagues. How can I bypass a useless commit? Can this be considered as shortcoming of Mendix? Or am I missing something?      
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With git you have two “levels”: locally and teamserver. You can commit locally and then pull changes. Nothing will change on the teamserver, as long as you uncheck “Also push changes” at the bottom of the popup and you don’t push anything. More in the documentation.