Import/Export mapping using JSON Structure auto capitalising attribute names [Possible Bug]

Hi all, not sure if this is a bug or intended.  I have a JSON structure for example:   [{             "site_code": "19500001",             "validated_date": "string",             "plot_number": 30000,        }] As you can see all the attribute names are in lower case. However when I generate import mapping using the JSON Structure it generates the domain model with capital first letter. I’m using Mendix version 9.10.1, even in the documentation examples this behaviour doesn’t seem to be happening. This becomes an issue when using the import mapping for a post endpoint as the attribute names do not match the source data. 
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I ran into this with an isSomething boolean once. Took me hours to find out :-) 

The solution is to modify the custom name in the JSON Structure, like in the picture. (Make sure your screen is wide enough to show the yellow highlighted part. )

After that you will see that in your import mapping you can use the non-capitalized attributes. 


Hope this helps.