Scheduler is targeting wrong(old) microflow on production environment

Hello Mendix Experts, I have two microflows in mendix studio pro with name SE_UpdateProductionOrder and  SE_ProductionOrders. Couple of weeks ago I am calling this SE_ProductionOrders microflow in scheduler and deployed it to Production. But Later on after sometime I have replace the microflow from SE_ProductionOrders to  SE_UpdateProductionOrder in same scheduler and deployed it to Production. But It is still targeting the Old configured microflow SE_ProductionOrders on Production and targeting right microflow SE_UpdateProductionOrder on other  servers like TEST and Acceptance.    Does anyone have any idea why the scheduler behaving weird on production but not on other servers? Workaround : I have rename the scheduler and the targeted microflow, and deployed again to production and it works.
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Kudos to you!


It always worked properly in my experience.

But, could be, there was a temporary issue, which lead to not updating the model properly on your production.

Thats why its important to have some sanity checks after production deployment against your release notes, to verify, if everything is as expected.


May be, you should ask Mendix support with relevant screenshots and logs. This is weird and never with me happened before.