Pull Updates From Main Branch To A Sub-Branch

Hello, we have a main branch in our app and we do most of our development in sub-branches.  When the main gets updated, what is the best way for those changes to get pulled into the sub-branches as well?
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You would need advanced merge for that. And I would do one commit at the time to avoid conflicts etc. Depends a bit on the commits. If these are just small changes you could do more.

But it might be more usefull to do the development in the main line. Then for hotfixes you just create a branch do the fix and release those branches for hotfixes. You can then merge those branch back to the main line if the hotfix is done. Only for major works that can not be done in a sprint create branches. Like for instance upgrades from Mx9 to 10. You can still use the advanced merge for changes in the main line to merge to the upgrade branch. And if everything work you can then promote this branch to the main line.