how to add check boxes that pop up depending on what is chosen from a drop down widget?

Hello I am in a team for my class and I responsible for creating a page to add a pets information to a data base. Where I am getting stuck is, I want the user to be able to choose 3 potential options for a reason to visit the vet (illness, injury, and check up). If Injury or illness are chosen I want a set of check boxes to choose from that are customized to that choice. For example if Illness is chosen I want a list of potential symptoms to pop up, as well as a large text box where the user can add any other information that might be useful that may not be on the listed symptoms.
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Hi Elijah,


You could work with visibility conditions here.

Have the set of check boxes grouped up (for example in a container) and give the container the following visibility condition:



This will make sure that the container with check boxes will only be shown when the user selects the corresponding vet visiting reason.


Repeat the same steps for the other options and you will have yourself a dynamic form.


Hope this helps!